This office does not use an e-mail service that is encrypted or secure to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards. As a result, do not send e-mails containing sensitive information, either personal or medical, or information related to banking.  

When communicating with this medical practice by email, you are strongly advised to use your own personal computer, and to use an email address that is password-protected and that only you can access (e.g., not a computer at work).

Though the office does use virus protection and makes diligent attempts to avoid contamination, we cannot guarantee that our e-mail communications will be free from viruses, malware, or other harmful components. At the same time, we ask that patients exercise similar care in striving to keep their own e-mails free of virus and malware.

Dr. Coombs does not consistently monitor email when the practice is closed for weekends, evenings, statutory holidays, and vacations. Please consider our office hours when you are waiting for a reply to your email.

 As a general rule, we try to respond to patient email within 3 business days. However, issues presented in an e-mail which are clearly not urgent may take up to a few weeks for a response from the office. If you do not receive a response within an appropriate time period, please call the office to follow up. If your inquiry is truly urgent, please use telephone to contact the office for an appointment or telephone consultation with Dr. Coombs.

By sending an e-mail to this office, you are acknowledging that doing so is entirely at your
own risk and liability. Given the stated limitations of e-mail communication, if you are hesitant in any way about communicating electronically with this medical practice, please use telephone or fax to communicate with this office.