·The building is also an office for accountants. Please speak softly while inside.

· This waiting area is smaller than at the clinic in Fallbrook. Please limit the number of persons coming to an appointment to a maximum of 3, unless you have arranged in advance with the receptionist so that we can make necessary accommodations.

· Small or hyperactive children must be supervised at all times for their own safety, and for consideration for others working in the building. If necessary, bring an adult who can supervise them while you are at your appointment.

· There are 3 stairs to climb before entering the clinic, and they do not yet have a railing. Please notify us in advance if you will need assistance.

· There is a large area of grass around the building. You can walk around the grounds with your children, provided that they are closely supervised.

· Many of our patients are very sensitive to perfume and scented products. Please do not wear these to your appointment.